Celebrating Jazz Day in Knoxville 2013

I had to control my excitement for the event of the day on April 30th. I didn't want to allow myself to be so hyper that I would not be able to concentrate on what I had to do to get through the day. First I had to make sure that Will and I got dressed and all of our musical equipment packed. Then I needed to make sure all of the band members were able to get in the building and set up.

Those things all came together. And many friends came out to hear us play. Emily Mathis played keys. Daniel Brown played bass and Luke Bowers played drums. Our set included old standards and some of our originals from the DREAMS OF MURORAN album.

Mayor Rogero read the JAZZ DAY and JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH proclamation and presented it to Will and me.

Photographer Jon Gustin documented the event.

We would like to thank everyone involved.  Now it's time to get busy planning for next year.